REVIEW. Unknown By Phil Price





Every year across the world thousands of people disappear. Many return home safe and well. Some are never found. A select few end up far from home, harvested by two feuding brothers who need their blood.

How on Earth can this happen?

It doesn’t happen on Earth.


I have just finished reading Unknown ,by Phil Price and all I can say is wow! The blurb gives nothing away so you are thrown into the book semi blind and that just makes it so much better. The writer takes you on a fantastic journey, full of mystery and adventure that keeps you hooked. This is not a book you can read while half  watching the TV if you don’t concentrate you miss big chunks of the story and have to re read . I know this because I have two children and they interrupt a lot! This is not a critique of the author’s ability to write , far from it ! It shows how well the story’s sub plots have been interwoven.

This book has many layers each of them as gripping and interesting as the main plot line.
The main characters are rich with detail and believable . At points I felt the hairs on my arms stand on end and even got a bit tearful in places . The story moves on at a good pace, at no point did I become bored. The language used really added depth to the piece and transported me to different times effortlessly.

I cannot recall ever reading a novel based on this subject matter that has been anywhere close to the complexity and uniqueness of this title.
I know this is the first title and another is to follow , I can honestly say I cannot wait.

Bottom line.

A fantastic fantasy, with plenty to keep your imagination busy, a must read


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Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!

I set this up to share my love of the written word mostly, but also about me as a person and my adventures (or lack there of).  I am an independent author with one published novel available at the moment. I have always loved to read and a dear friend of mine who is also an author encouraged me to use my crazy imagination to create my only stories. Its been an experience! So I will share with you my journey of independent publishing, my work and also the books I love to read. Don’t worry I don’t put spoilers in my reviews.

You are now probably thinking , great we know what you do, but who exactly are you? 

That’s a fair question, so here is a bit about me. My name is Gemma, I am 32 years old. I am a stay at home mother with two beautiful boys, aged 4 and  2. I love to cook and watch scifi and fantasy TV/ movies with my husband. I am a serious geek. ( I have an Ewok backpack, that I  use)  I really like to go walking and  as I live near a beach that just adds to the appeal to get outside.

I am living with panic disorder and anxiety as well. It’s not a great thing to have to live with, but I feel strongly about being real and at the moment these conditions are a part of my life.

Enough about that,. lets talk charity!

I love to help others, always have. In the coming year I hope to help raise money for as many charities as I can. So if you have any that are close to your heart please let  me know.

That’s me in a nut shell! If you have questions, please drop me a line I am on Facebook, twitter, Instagram… I am pretty much everywhere.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy this blog.